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Commonly Asked Questions

Who are we?

LifeTime Roofing is a father and son owned business based in Melbourne offering long-term solutions to all your roofing concerns. We are a customer-first business looking to provide great value and care to all our clients. With over 30 years of experience, we specialize in domestic and commercial roof replacements and also offer colorbond roofing. At LifeTime, every job we take is a guarantee that we will deliver the best results. 

Why choose us?

We are local roofers based in Melbourne dedicated to providing high-quality, durable and affordable roofing replacement services to our community. We are committed to excellence and exceptional customer service to ensure that all homes and businesses in Melbourne are provided with a stable and safe roof over their heads.  

What services do we provide?

The services we provide are mainly long-term solutions for your roofing needs. This includes domestic/residential roof replacements, commercial roof replacements and Colorbond roofing.

Why would you need a roof replacement?

It is important to always check the condition of your roof and maintain its quality. If your roof is decreasing in quality and repair costs are piling up, then it might be time to invest in a roofing replacement. Consistent roof leaks, rusted metal roof sheets, aged roof tiles and any major damages to your roofing are some instances that may require a roof replacement. A full roof replacement is beneficial and saves you money in the long run, while also adding value to the overall quality of your home.

What is our installation process?

Our process starts with providing our clients with a quote based on our assessment of your roof. With the use of the latest technologies, we can send drones to gain a better perspective of your specific roofing needs and provide you with the most reasonable quote. After reaching an agreement, we start by safely and responsibly removing the existing tiles, ridges or metal roof sheets. We then proceed to inspect the safety and stability of the roof timbers to make sure they can withstand the weight of our roofing tiles or metal roofing sheets. The roofing materials are cut and then fixed perfectly in place to maximize the strength and durability. Finally, metal capping is used to cover the joint as we make sure that no details are overlooked and the finishing touches are well done.

What are the benefits of Colorbond roofing?

They are built to last and resist changes in temperature, heavy rainfall or hail rain. The other benefit of Colorbond is its low maintenance requirements and ability to last for decades with the right installation. Generally, it raises the value of your home or commercial building as it gives it an elegant look and improves its overall appearance. It also comes with a choice of different colors and patterns to give your roof a personalized touch

What is our process of Colorbond roofing installation?

We first begin with a thorough inspection of your roof, take specific measurements and make note of any specific requirements you may have. We provide an estimate based on the materials we will use and the amount of time and manpower the job requires. Our team is always there to provide assistance and advice on your color choice, roofing materials and prepared to answer all of your questions. Then, we check for any problems that may prevent the installation and also pressure clean the area to remove any dirt or mould. Finally, the Colorbond roofing is laid out in a safe and secure manner along with stable cappings and flashings. Our team will communicate with you throughout the whole process and perform final detailing and cleaning up before leaving.

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