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LifeTime Roofing is one of Melbourne’s most trusted installers of Colorbond roofing, which is quickly becoming a very popular choice for a lot of Australian homes and businesses. It is made and developed here in Australia and perfectly suited to withstand our sometimes harsh and unpredictable climate.

Colorbond roofing is your choice for sturdier and stronger steel roofing material. It is made mostly of aluminum and zinc, coated with high quality paint and known for being extremely durable and lightweight. This desired quality is achieved with special coatings between the steel base and the paint that fits everything tightly together. They are built to last and resist changes in temperature, heavy rainfall or hail rain.

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Why Colorbond?

The benefits of Colorbond is its low maintenance requirements and ability to last for decades with the right installation. Generally, it raises the value of your home or commercial building as it gives it an elegant look and improves its overall appearance. It also comes with a choice of different colors and patterns to give your roof a personalized touch. Darker colors usually absorb heat and light at a higher rate, while lighter colors reflect heat, which keeps your roof and home cooler on a hot day. This just goes to show that deciding on the right color could also depend on your energy efficiency and thermal rating needs.

Our process of installing Colorbond roofing is detailed and we keep our clients informed every step of the way. We first begin with a thorough inspection of your roof, take specific measurements and make note of any specific requirements you may have. We provide an estimate based on the materials we will use and the amount of time and manpower the job requires. Our team is always there to provide assistance and advice on your color choice, roofing materials and prepared to answer all of your questions.

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We check for any problems that may prevent the installation and also pressure clean the area to remove any dirt or mould. Finally, the Colorbond roofing is laid out in a safe and secure manner along with stable cappings and flashings. Our team will communicate with you throughout the whole process and perform final detailing and cleaning up before leaving.

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“Youssef was brilliant to deal with, he was engaging and explained the job, was punctual, showed up when he said and his crew did an amazing job, considering the weather conditions and the terrible condition of our roof to begin with. I highly recommend Lifetime roofing for any roofing jobs!”

Gavin S

“Excellent value! Yousef gave me very generous and useful advice, and he and his team installed a new roof on my studio in a timely manner, and to a very impressive standard. A thoroughly positive experience.”

Jessie B

“Youssef and his team have just finished replacing our large garage roof and capping. We are thrilled with the work they have done. The roof structure was old and tricky, but they worked on it over 2 full days and got the job done to a high standard and for a great price. We recommend them and their work. Thanks again guys!”

Julie K